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Lion Fish Hunting with Stay And Dive

Mares Lion Fish

Lionfish are native to the Indian Pacific. They are recent a significant invasive species in the Caribbean Sea. While the exact cause is unknown, experts speculate that people have been dumping unwanted lionfish from home aquariums into the Atlantic Ocean for up to 25 years.

Since lionfish are not native to the Caribbean waters, they have very few preditors, hence disrupting the balance of the ecosystem heavily. For example, take the cleaner fish, who are very important to the life of the coral. The golden rule that applies here is that a fish that needs cleaning, approaches the station in a straight way. Fish approaching the station with their heads facing down, are there for a whole other reason: dinner time! Being as smart as they are, the lionfish learned the trick quickly and started approaching the cleaning stations straight, just so it appeared as if they needed a cleaning job. Instead, they ate the cleaner fish, neglecting their importance to the life of the coral.

Lionfish breed very fast, faster than native fish in the Caribbean Sea. Also, they are a hungry species and eat a lot. If we do’t undertake action, the coral of the Caribbean Sea will be floaded with lionfish, threatening it’s continued existence.

To give nature a hand waiting for a natural enemy of its own, Stay And Dive provides Lionfish Specialties in which you go lionfish hunting. Guided by our specialized instructors, you will learn how to hunt and kill lionfish while diving. Our Lionfish Specialty provides you with the right skills to clean the fish, too, and turn them into a tasty bite for your BBQ. Truely a win-win combination, you’ll be contributing to the coral of Curacao and taking care of your own dinner. Join us now for an unforgettable experience.

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