IAHD program

IAHD was founded in 1993 and aims to promote, develop and implement scuba diving courses for people with physical and / or (mild) mental disability and for instructors who want to train people with disabilities.
The organization is made up of able-bodied people and people with disabilities all pursuing the objective of IAHD. The best way to do this is to let people experience that they can dive. There are few limitations that will prevent you from diving. The type of limitation and the way to deal with it, varies from person to person.
IAHD wants to ensure that disabled people have the same quality of training, certification and diving adventures as able-bodied people.

• If a person with a disability wants to take a diving course at IAHD should first called
"3 x YES" question to be answered:

YES, the person with the restriction will follow the program;
YES, the doctor gives permission to follow the course;
YES, the IAHD instructor wants to give training to the person.

Youth courses
Pirate Fish Diver This program is developed for both children and adults with mental disabilities, who want to learn to dive and experience freedom of movement underwater in a swimming pool.
Primary Courses
IAHD Snorkel Diver The IAHD “Snorkel diver” course is designed for people who want to enjoy the underwater world, but do not want to use scuba equipment. During this course the techniques required to snorkel on and underwater using standard snorkel equipment.
Confined Water Diver The IAHD Confined Water Diver course is developed for people with physical or (minor) mental disabilities, who want to learn to dive but cannot, or do not want to, dive in open water.
Open Water Diver The IAHD Open Water Diver course is designed to teach people with physical or mental disabilities, the theory and dive skills needed to dive safely in an open water environment.
Partner courses
Surface Support Specialist This training program has been developed for both divers and non-dive who intend to assist divers with a physical or mental disability, at the waters edge. Divers with physical or mental disabilities are often accompanied by friends or family members, who bring them and their equipment to and from the dive site, help them kit-up, etc.
Dive Partner The IAHD Dive Partner course is an advanced course specifically developed to train certified (Rescue) divers to supervise divers with physical or mental disabilities.
*Prices include equipment, air, professional guidance and transportation from our facility to and from the dive site(s).

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