At Stay and Dive, we divided our dives / courses into categories, based on the experience of a diver. That way, it's easier for you to see, in what level your in.
See below the explanation per level.

Green Level Diving

Always wanted to try scuba diving? Or looking for a perfect family holiday activity? Green level diving is your thing. In our leisure dives, it’s all about your diving experience. Our experienced instructor inspires you to learn and enjoy at the same time. Together you will make a fun and save dive. Ages 8 through 88.

Blue Level Diving

In blue you can get certified to dive under direct supervision of a dive professional to a max. depth of 12m (40ft), anywhere in the world. This is called a level 1 diver. To join these guided dives worldwide, you need a little bit more skills and knowledge than in green, but not so much as in red. Our course consists of four go-do-dives, that focus on learning by doing. For certified divers, blue level diving offers easy guided diving at beautifull dive sites and the choice of some skill training during your dive as well. Age 12+.

Red Level Diving

Instead of with a guide, you can go diving with your buddy too. Both of you must be certified open water (level 2) divers. With an Open Water Course you can become a certified open water diver in 3-4 days. After that, there’s the ocean waiting for you. Enjoy our rental services and choose for either guided diving or diving with your buddy. Age 14+.

Black Level diving

You are certified and you are a regular diver. That’s where the advanced level comes in. You can either choose between an advanced open water course or you sign up for specialty courses. Learn new skills and stretch your limits. There’s a whole new world under water waiting for you.